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  • Romulus Badea

  • Tax Partner

You’re looking for a trustworthy services partner for your business? The distinct advantage in collaborating with us for expatriate immigration and taxation is given by the experience in working for the global leaders in consulting services, easy access to a network of business partners and expertise of our professionals in our activity fields (accounting, tax consulting, human resources, audit and payroll)

1. Immigration services
Obtaining short term and/or long term visa
Obtaining work permits
Obtaining residence permits/certificates of residence
Entry/exit interviews with the expatriates
Establishing fiscal residence
Assessment of Romanian taxable base
Obtaining or issuing annual tax payment confirmation
Obtaining European certificates (A1, etc.)
Registration/de-registration for social security purposes in Romania
Monthly regular activities for Expatriates (income taxes and social charges computation, preparation of payment orders, etc.)
2. Taxation services
Advice on structuring the international assignments and local requirements in the light of the United Europe accession
Preparation and submission of the monthly personal income tax returns
Monthly preparation and submission of social security statement
Obtaining tax clearance certificates