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Our relation with our business partners is based on trustworthiness, experience and constant support. That is why the outsourcing process of your payroll operations to us is the best solution - you have the guarantee of confidentiality, quality and readiness.

1. A complete analysis of the particularities of your activity and their implications concerning the payroll process
2. Identifying the necessary information for the monthly required calculations and preparation of various reports, based on customer's needs
3. Breakdown of different types of specific revenues and bonuses
Types of bonuses
Types of benefits in kind
Delegation allowances beyond the limits regulated by public institutions
4. Breakdown of costs and fiscal implications for people with multiple contracts
5. Adaptation of soft elements and programs in order to fulfill your requirements on special reporting issues
6. Composition and documentation of personnel files
7. Research and draw up personnel files for personal and supplementary deduction computation
8. Preparation and registration of supporting documents
9. Salary calculation
Drawing up salary payment file prepared for uploading into the bank (this activity involves receiving technical information from the bank)
Drawing up payroll
Recording the payroll statement - Drawing up accounting entries according to the specifications of the client – analytical accounts, cost sharing according to certain criteria (ex: cost centers)
Special calculations of payrolls (reverse computation, hard currency computation, fixed amount computation)
Drawing up flyers and forwarding each of them on the employees e-mail or forwarding the file to the client with all flyers
The payment management of net wages by drawing up payment documents and making payments in your name
10. Drawing up payment orders for fiscal and social obligations
11. Calculating, preparation and submission of all the necessary payroll related statements required by the Romanian legislature:
The declaration regarding the payment obligations of the social contributions, income tax and nominal evidence of the insured persons
The declaration regarding the payment obligations due to the State Budget regarding all payments for unemployed handicapped persons – Form 100
Drawing up and forwarding form 205 – informative declaration regarding withholding tax and earnings / loses, on beneficiaries
The 402 form - informative declaration regarding the income, from salary or assimilated to salaries, including the remuneration of directors and other persons treated as such, residents of other European Union member states, made in Romania
12. Drawing up and permanent upgrade of the register for employee evidence in electronic format
13. Forwarding the register for employee evidence in electronic format and the upgrades at the Labour Chamber
14. Assisting the client (from accounting and financial point of view)
Assisting the client in drawing up labour contracts (from accounting and financial point of view)
Assisting the client in drawing up supporting documents regarding modifications of the contractual provisions (from accounting and financial point of view)
15. Drawing up certificates necessary to physical persons processed
Certificate for banks
Certificate necessary for establishing the child-raising allowance
Medical certificate
16. Drawing up and forwarding FNUASS requests of recovery and filling in medical certificates
Drawing up FNUASS requests of recovery
Forwarding FNUASS requests of recovery
Filling in the medical certificates (spaces for employer)
17. Drawing up different reports
18. Filling in statistical reports with payroll information
19. Providing assistance during audit or fiscal control
20. Providing assistance in other activities regarding other fiscal authorities