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Success stories

In 1996, when I was still a student I went to SOTER & PARTNERS having the intention to buy accounting software (CONTAS). After a discussion with Mr. Cristian Scafa, Senior Partner, I understand that's the advantage of being part of a professional team to work individually. So I renounced to buy the program and I joined the Junior Department of Accounting. It was a wise decision, because we have managed, with hard work, ambition and support from peers, to become a good professional. In 2000 Romania adopted Law on income tax. This made it simple payroll by then become a complex activity. It felt the need for a standalone payroll department. Therefore, we began to lay the foundation of this department and with hard work, we managed to expand our business. Today we can be proud of a strong department in a company that is based on a strong team of professionals.

Luminiţa OBACIU, Payroll Partner

At first you only have determination and ambition: to prove to you that you can impose yourself and drive. Then, if you also have the environment to help you, success is assured. Professional SOTER & PARTNERS has given me all the background. Once you get to SOTER & PARTNERS you start a new stage in life: you'll gain knowledge in many areas and you will broaden your horizons, you'll gain solid experience and be aware of all the economic news. Also, revenues are consistent with the performance and the possibility of developing a successful career. There is no cap. You do not do the same work and you can see how it grows. The open, dynamic. Work schedule is flexible. You can have a personal life besides work! I have all SOTER & PARTNERS' professional support. The interdependence between SOTER & PARTNERS' services is a certification of the general vision that any professional may have. More than a book thinking we developed economic thinking, a deepening of knowledge, but also a broadening of horizons career. You can be accountant, auditor, tax consultant can be a partner. I became a partner after about four years.

Mihaela RIȘCO - MARTIN, Accounting Partner