Soter & Partners

Echipa de conducere

Cristian Scafa

Founder & Senior Partner

Founded Soter & Partners in 1993 and has been with Soter ever since. He laid the foundations of this company based on his knowledge and expertise in accounting, his profound understanding of the Romanian business and financial environment, but also based on his talent for assess and enter into partnerships with outstanding professionals. He graduated from the Academy of Economic Studies in 1985, and in 2001 he was recognized as financial auditor by the Romanian Chamber of Fiscal Auditors. Cristian Scafa is reputed to be the best rider among accountants. It was his passion for horses that led to the creation of the Soter logo. His hobbies also include hunting and yachting.

Dan Manolescu

Tax Partner

Joined Soter & Partners in 2001 as Tax Partner with an extensive experience in tax consultancy, gained in KPMG during 1997 - 2000.
Dan Manolescu holds a PhD in Economics, awarded by the Academy of Economic Studies from Bucharest and a bachelor degree from Faculty of Law - University of Craiova.
From 2007 he is a Certified Fiscal Consultant, member of the Romanian Chamber of Fiscal Consultants, where curently also serves as President. Since 2008 he is a Certified Financial Auditor. In January 2013 he was appointed Secretary of State in the Ministry of Public Finance where he lead the efforts behind a major legislative revision enacted in January 2016 that restructured and simplified Romania’s tax codes for corporations and businesses and established new anti-fraud provisions.
Dan Manolescu occupied various positions in the corporate bodies of some banking institutions such as: member of the Board of Directors of CEC Bank SA within 2015-2016, member of the Board of Directors of the National Credit Guarantee Fund for Small and Medium Enterprises SA within 2013-2015 and was elected as member of the Supervisory Board of OMV Petrom in April 2016.>
In 2016 he was awarded with the Eisenhower Fellowship. He returned in Soter & Partners’ team in October 2015 as Tax Partner.

Luminița Obaciu

Payroll Partner

Has been with Soter since 1996. She is an expert accountant, member of C.E.C.C.AR., resident auditor, member C.C.F.R., a human resources inspector as well as a prestigious trainer, recognized by the National Authority for Qualifications. Since 2010 she is a lecturer to National Payroll and Social Contribution Conference, organized by Rentrop and Straton. In 2013 she was selected to offer consultancy during the process of fiscal legislature revision (member of the group responsible with the revision of the income tax and social contribution).
As part of Soter team she contributed with her practical and theoretical accountancy knowledges as well as with her dedication, establishing the Payroll Department basis.
She is now a full Partner at Soter & Partners.

Romulus Badea

Tax Partner

Joined the Tax Consultancy Department at Soter in 2005, specializing in expatriate taxation.
He brought along more than 8 years of experience in this field. He worked previously for multinationals such as KPMG, Arthur Anderson and PwC.
There he collaborated with expatriates from around the world and with complex international taxation issues.
His experience is itself a certification for the clients that choose Soter when talking about receiving assistance regarding procedures for their expatriates.

Mihaela Rișco - Martin

Accounting Partner

She joined Soter while only a student in her 3rd year at the Faculty of Finances, Insurance, Banks and Stock Exchanges at the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest, being a last year graduate with top marks. She started off as a young and eager employee in the Accounting Department and after 4 years of working there she becomes Accounting Partner and curently she is in charge of the entire Department of Accounting at Soter.
She is an expert accountant, member of Expert Accountant and Authorized Accountants Corps (CECCAR), an expert evaluator, a fiscal consultant, member of Chamber of Fiscal Consultants (CCF). In 2004 she obtained a diploma in Master in International Accounting Standards, specialization International Accounting.
She also attended the Executive MBA program (EMBA), the American School of Business, the Institute for Business and Public Administration from Bucharest in partnership with a prestigious American University Kennesaw State University, Atlanta.

Monica Ștefan

Audit Partner

Monica ȘTEFAN has joined Soter & Partners group as Audit Partner in September 2001, after an experience of almost four years with KPMG Romania and almost a year as a risk manager with HVB Bank.
Monica is a member of the ACCA - Association of Chartered Certified Accoutants beginning April 2004, and beginning September 2009 also an active member of the Romanian Chamber of Financial Auditors – CAFR.
Also, she is part of the professional work commissions within the Romanian Chamber of Financial Auditors, also having participated in the consultative committee of the technical magazine “Audit Practice”.
The Audit Department comprises a team of dynamic professionals, fluent English speakers, members or in pending membership of ACCA, out of which three are also members of the Romanian Chamber of Financial Auditors.
Our core objective is that of providing assurance of transparency of the financial statements and economic information provided to the market by our clients. Our audit report is more than a professional opinion; it is the guarantee of our implication in the analysis of the internal control systems and of the substance of transactions which make the object of the audit engagement.
Our areas of expertise cover a wide range of services, from the audit of the statutory financial statements to various types of related services.

Leonard Scafa

Administrative Partner

Is very proud to have been with Soter from the very beginning, in 1994. Back then he was in charge with the IT Department and with the distribution of Contas, the internally developed accounting software of Soter. In 1996 he took over the Administrative and Treasury Department and in 1997 he was promoted Technical Director. Previous to working with Soter, Leonard Scafa developed a solid academic background. He graduated first at the Faculty of Constructions Machinery and Equipment in 1992 and in 1994 he was certified as a scientific researcher by the Institute of Researches in Transportation, INCERTRANS.