• Iulia Butnaru

  • Transfer Pricing Partner

  • Lavinia Monoranu

  • Transfer Pricing Partner

The success of a transfer pricing file depends on the understanding of the business model of the company under review and on the presentation of key information in an intuitive form for the tax authorities. For our team, the preparation of a transfer pricing file is not just another blunt documentation process:

  • We listen.
  • We analyse and interpret.
  • We take into account the business model.
  • We puttransactions into context.
  • We explain.

    1. Assistance in establishing the transfer pricing policy
    2. Preparation of the local transfer pricing file
    3. Review of the existent transfer pricing documentation
    4. Preparation of benchmarking studies
    5. Assistance during tax audits on transfer pricing
    6. Identification and quantification of the transfer pricing risk